Additional Hail Insurance (AMHL)

May 25th – SMHI forms have been mailed out!

We wish to inform you that Additional Hail Insurance (AMHL) is once again available at the office this year. Get in touch with us – we would be happy to help you! (306)365-2924 /

**A reminder that the PST exemption for agricultural insurance premiums, which includes hail insurance, has been reinstated!**

Just a few notes:

  • Please remember that you must return the enclosed crop report by June 15th, even if you have no crops to insure.
  • Leave no lines blank – be sure to mark “NO CROP” or “EXEMPT” on parcels that require no insurance or have exempt crops. (I will have to bother you if any lines are left blank).
  • If your land is rented out, you have the option to take coverage. If you do not want coverage, just write “CASH RENT”
  • You are automatically covered for $25/ac but if you want higher coverage (up to $250/ac) you must return the crop report before June 15th.
  • Crops on rented land (except crown land) are not insurable under the Municipal Hail program (see note above signature line). Coverage can be obtained through Additional Municipal Hail at the same rates with the premium deferred to August 1st.
  • Up to $500/ac combined coverage available with SMHI and AMHI!