Road Conditions

We have seen an increase of stormy, blustery weather lately, accompanied by high winds. We appreciate everyone’s patience as our staff work diligently, often after hours, to clear and maintain the roads. Please keep in mind the road network we are responsible for – in addition to the many miles of rural roads, our network includes the Hamlets of Guernsey & Lockwood as well. School bus routes are given #1 priority, followed by main roads (including PG 668). Rest assured, our staff gets to all areas as quickly as they can. Note: we do not send staff out until winds have diminished (which means snow stops drifting), so roads can be properly cleared.

We ask for some grace & patience in these times. Your cooperation & kindness are appreciated.

Please forward any concerns to or your division councillor, so they may be forwarded to the appropriate department accordingly.

Anna Rintoul

RM of Usborne No. 310