RM of Usborne No. 310

The Rural Municipality of Usborne is located approximately 110 kilometers southeast of Saskatoon and 160 km north of Regina. It has a land area of approximately 810 km covering an area of 9 townships.  The 2016 census reported a population of 529.  Two urban municipalities (Town of Lanigan and Village of Drake) and two hamlets (Guernsey and Lockwood) are within the municipalities’ boundaries.

The RM resources lay largely in its excellent agricultural land base and its potash resources. The Lanigan Potash mine is located in the northern portion of the municipality and has had a major impact on development of the area.  The economy of the RM is largely based on agriculture and agricultural activity.  Grain farming and intensive livestock operations are prevalent in the municipality.  The municipality is home to the Usborne Grazing Alliance which encompasses 21 sections of native pasture land. Two important wildlife habitats have also been found within the boundaries of the RM, including one at the eastern end of Little Manitou Lake.

The RM of Usborne strives to support economic opportunity and growth while maintaining the rural lifestyle and values that have guided the establishment of the municipality.