Road Restrictions

The RM of Usborne No. 310 partakes in the spring road ban program. The Ministry of Highways set the effective dates.

  • Select “Special Weights” (right side)
  • Select “Road Restriction Orders” (Spring Road Bans & Winter Weights)
  • Select “New Spring Weight Restrictions” (Road Bans)
  • Scroll down the page to view:
    • Highway restrictions
    • Road restrictions
    • Rural Municipality road restrictions

Only banned weights may be hauled during spring road ban season; permitted hauls (livestock, essential services, non-divisible loads) may be allowed.

All roads in the RM are primary weights, with the exception of the east portion of PG 668 which will remain 10-tonne as signed. Each ratepayer is granted a verbal primary weight permit – the permit number is your owner number. This can be found on your tax notices. Non-ratepayers should contact the office for a permit, which is chargeable at the rate of $50.00.