Forms & Permits

Forms & Permits

Affidavit for Exemption on Building Permits
Application Subdivide Land Interactive
Application for Building Permit
Application for Development Permit
Form 293 - Exempt from Taxation
JEB Community Centre Rental Rates
Section 293 Exemptions
Work in Right of Way


Development permits, building permits, and work in the right of way request forms are required in the RM of Usborne for new projects. There are no application fees; forms are available online and at the municipal office. All forms will be reviewed at regular council meetings and the applicant will be notified of a decision. . Applications will be presented at the next regular council meeting and must be received 10 days prior to the meeting to be added to the agenda.

Work in the right of way

Applications to undertake work in the municipal right of way, or, have culverts or approaches installed, must be applied for before work can commence. Adjacent or affected land owners must sign off prior to any project approval.

Development Permits

All new yard sites, commercial sites and subdivisions require a development permit. Development permits must be accompanied by a site plan detailing property boundary distances, water bodies, wells, sewer pump outs, drive ways and if known, utility lines. Development permits are presented to RM council for approval at the next regularly scheduled council meeting. Further approval through MSMA and Community Planning may be required for final approval.

Building Permits

The province of Saskatchewan ensures a minimum standard for construction of new buildings under The Uniform building and Accessibility Standards Act. Bylaw 3-2011 is a bylaw to administer and enforce these safety standards within the municipality. The RM has contracted building officials, licensed by the province, to ensure that buildings under construction or being moved into the municipality comply with the National Building Code.

Agricultural Buildings: Non-commercial agricultural structures (excluding residences) are exempt from building permits.

Agricultural residences must apply for a building permit but will be exempted from inspections if they meet the criteria in the exemption form. All new residences must apply for a building permit including an exemption form if applicable.

All non-agricultural buildings (dwellings and commercial buildings) built or moved in to the RM that are larger than 100 square feet require a Building Permit application.

To apply for a Building Permit, the RM requires the application form, a Site Plan, and a copy of the building plans. The Site Plan should show the distances of the building from the property lines, any existing structures or bodies of water, the location of driveway, and if known, any utility lines that are on the property. There are no application fees for building permits. Building permits will be presented at the next regular meeting of council.

Once the contracted building inspector has completed the plan review, a fee for service schedule will be billed to the applicant. Permit fees are based on the estimated cost of construction. The building permit will not be issued until all permit fees have been received.

A copy of the Plan Review Report will be included with the permit. It will be the Property Owner’s responsibility to ensure the building is constructed to meet building codes and that all requirements set out in the Plan Review Report are met. The Plan Review Report will include an inspection schedule. The owner of the property will be responsible for contacting the inspector to book all necessary inspections and to ensure that all deficiencies reported in the inspections are completed prior to proceeding to the next step of construction.